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Community groups should apply for grants

The Lahaina News
December 23, 2010

By Louise Rockett

Happy Holidays, West Maui.

In these uncertain economic times — with budgets for much-needed community services being cut helter skelter — there is a bounty of opportunity right in our own backyard.

There are two North Beach benefit funds with a substantial amount of money in their coffers, and grants for deserving West Side non-profits are being offered.

The purpose of the Honua Kai-West Maui Community Fund is cited on its webpage,, as follows: "to administer designated improvement projects for the public benefit, including improvement of coastal resources, roadway improvements, support for Native Hawaiian culture and other appropriate benefits to the North Beach/West Maui area and community."

Its officers are Sharyn Matin, president; Eric Gerlach, vice president; Stanley "Kiope" Raymond, secretary; James Foster, treasurer; and Director Rhoda "Jackie" Specktor.

The North Beach-West Maui Benefit Fund is governed by Matin, president; Jeffrey Jones, vice president; Nell Woods, secretary; and Specktor, treasurer.

Its website address is

The purpose of this beneficial organization is similar to the Honua Kai Community Fund, but grants that have been awarded by this philanthropic group are posted on the Internet.

It's an amazing opportunity for West Side non-profits to supplement their goals in these times of economic crisis.

The offer is miraculously generous. So sharpen your pencils! These people are serious, and grants are being awarded that support their multiple purposes.

Questions should be directed to the mailing addresses listed below.

Contact the Honua Kai-West Maui Community Fund by mail at P.O. Box 11359, Lahaina, HI 96761.

To reach the officers of the North Beach-West Maui Benefit Fund, write P.O. Box 11329, Lahaina, HI 96761.

I am sure these community leaders will have the answers and respond.

North Beach West Maui Benefit Fund, Inc.

P O BOX 11329
LAHAINA, Hawaii 96761